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Assailant Official Redbox Trailer starring Chad Michael Collins & Poppy Delevingne

Our Assailant film will officially be released exclusively on Redbox March 22nd. Had a blast starring as 'Jason' with co-stars Poppy Delevingne, Casper Van Dien and Jeff Fahey, director Tom Paton and MSR Media.

ASSAILANT - Redbox Trailer


Jason and Zoe Sellers have been married for ten years, but time has taken its toll on them and they have resorted to counselling to try and get the relationship back on track. Desperate to save the marriage they head out to the Caribbean to hike an island trail where Jason had proposed to Zoe years ago. Tensions between them continue to run high though and Jason finds himself drinking alone in a bar where he unwittingly befriends Michael, a psychopath with a twisted code of conduct. The couple invite Michael to join them for dinner but things quickly turn sour and a bar fight erupts between them after Jason refuses to apologise to Michael, with the man vowing to teach the couple a lesson. Attempting to move on from the events of the previous evening, Jason and Zoe head to the deserted island hiking trail but realise they are not alone when they spot Michael following them in the distance. As the deranged man catches up to them he badly injures Jason and begins a cat and mouse game of toying with the couple as he chases them across the rugged terrain. Realising that they will have to work together if they have any hope of surviving Michael’s vicious attacks, Jason and Zoe start to rediscover what made them such good partners in the first place and formulate a way to escape the clutches of Michael and the island.


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