STAY Feature Film 2021: Story of Love at War

Excited to announce a new Film project that Chad Michael Collins, (Actor, Co-Producer), has been helping to develop alongside Bel Freson (Writer, Actor, Executive Producer). STAY is a story of true love at war that will be released in 2021.

Genre: Drama/Romance

Written by Bel Freson

Olivia (Freson) desperately searches for her suicidal husband, Ben (Collins), a suicidal war vet just returned home from his fourth combat tour in Iraq. In a turn of events, police target Ben, and he quickly goes from missing to wanted.

Plot Outline

Olivia is running out of time. Her husband is a war vet, struggling with ptsd, who takes off after threatening suicide with a gun in his hand. Olivia chases after, desperate to catch him when she is pulled over by Officer Fox, a detective who just might be the right person to help her. Olivia is haunted by memories of their past as she battles to get to the love of her life. The only one she knows she can call on is Sam. Ben's oldest and closest friend. A falling out of their friendship challenges the two to work together to get Ben before it's too late.

A note from the Author:

Stay is a film about true love, war and the struggles faced when combining the two. It takes place during the Persian Golf War between the years of 2003-2011, a time that affected many American lives. Touching on topics of ptsd, domestic violence and suicide.

It is based on true events, and is a compilation of real stories from Military wives and soldiers I've known in my family, and friends, who went to war across seas during this time. I had a voice that needed to be heard. I wanted to tell it from the perspective of the wives, and the struggles they face. The pain of having a loved one gone, in danger, and not knowing when you will see or hear from them next. The sacrifices made. The exhaustion, and frustration of raising their families alone, of isolation and pride. Of what happens when the war is brought home when their soldiers return. What war can do to a person, to love, and to a family. All things we take for granted. These situations are never easy, and they affect more lives than we realize still to this day.

Ben and Olivia are symbolic to these unshared stories. A representation of hope.

When doing research for this story, I was shocked to read that the suicide rate for our wounded warriors estimated around 20 war vets a day. A DAY.

Ben and Olivia's story is specific to them, but a story I believe many will be able to relate to in many ways. If you've ever loved anyone, you will find something in this story to connect to.

Cast & Crew:

Bel Freson: Writer, Actor (Olivia), Executive Producer

Chad Michael Collins: Actor (Ben), Co-Producer

Jordan Schmidt: Producer

Britt George: Line Producer

Alex Gans: Director


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